Architect and Designer. Citizen of the world. I reside in New York City, but have lived in Amsterdam, Portland, OR, and Quito. Multi-cultural from birth, multi-lingual by choice. Soccer saved me in my youth. Playing the game in the streets taught me fortitude, perseverance, discipline; it helped me to discover my own tenacity and the meaning of teamwork; on the pitch I learned the importance of zooming out to see the entire picture. Soccer shaped my character and I have been a fan ever since.

Design is my obsession. It feeds off many other cultural interests, among them theatre, art, music, style, sport - anything that explores self-expression. My varied interests combined with a desire to create led me to become an architect. I’ve been able to leverage this passion and a practical business eye into a successful career in design.

I apprenticed under Robert A M Stern who taught me to design with integrity. At Nike, Sonos, Herman Miller, and Starbucks I found and developed my voice crafting innovative consumer experiences in architecture and store design that capture the values of the brand in the service of actual business goals. First in individual roles and later as team leader, I’ve taken care to lead by example, and to mentor and coach younger colleagues to become well-rounded professionals that know how to balance brand and business goals.